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This page collects together the photo albums contributed by the original members of this website.

Album Owner


Album Name

Fred Williams

"Fred Williams"

Cyndi Williams (now Davies)

"Cyndi Williams (now Davies)"

Ron Williams

"Ron Williams"

Carol Walker (now Stark)

"Carol Walker (now Stark)"

Rob Pilgrim

"Rob Pilgrimv"

Joyce Harries (now Vankeerbergen-Harries)

"Joyce Harries (now Vankeerbergen-Harries)"

Denise MacDonnell

"Denise MacDonnell"

Andrea Shalliker (now Connelly)

"Andrea Shalliker (now Connelly)"

Stuart Smith

"Stuart Smith"

Barry Dyke

"Barry Dyke"

Mike Harwood

"Mike Harwood"

Tom Docherty

"Tom Docherty"

John Pidgeon

"John Pidgeon"

Ann Thompson (now Chane)

"Ann Thompson (now Chane)"

Dave Aston

"Dave Aston"

Ian Frimston

"Ian Frimston"

Christine Tyrer (now Hulley)

"Christine Tyrer (now Hulley)"

Lee Eileen Cooper (now Allen)

"Lee Eileen Cooper (now Allen)"

David Lyon

"David Lyon"

Anne Mclaren (now Tennant)v

"Anne Mclaren (now Tennant)"

If anyone has any issues concerning the use of the photos in the above albums, please contact the Webmaster by email.